Embrace a thriving community, gain unwavering support, drive advocacy, and unlock limitless career potential.

Membership Types and Benefits

All NABG Members receive discounted conference registration, access to job postings, and are eligible to run for leadership positions.


  • Present your work to world class researchers, business leaders, corporations, universities, and governmental agencies
  • Network with other Black Geoscientists to build community and identify mentors
  • Access to faculty at universities with research opportunities
  • Interview with companies and government agencies for internships and full-time careers
  • Personal and professional development to take the next level in your education or career
  • Engage with an unparalleled supportive environment, of and for Black Geoscientists


  • Collaborate with other professionals from varied career paths
  • Present and learn from cutting-edge research
  • Engage in problem solving and discussion of revolutionary new ideas
  • Recruit high caliber students and team members to your organization
  • Mentor the next generation of Geoscientists
  • Connect with old friends and build new relationships
  • Represent your organizations at a national level

Student – $10/yr 

Graduate or undergraduate student in good academic standing currently majoring in the Geosciences or related discipline at an accredited university or college 

Emeritus – $25/yr

Anyone 65 who has had a professional, associate, or teacher membership and has been engaged in practicing or teaching the Geosciences for over 30 years

Teacher – $25/yr

Any K-12 teacher in Earth Sciences (primary and secondary education only) 

Associate – $25/yr

Any person engaged in the Geosciences who is a graduate of an accredited college or university 

Professional – $50/yr

Must hold at least a Bachelors degree in the Geosciences or related  field from an accredited college or university and be currently or formerly engaged in practicing or teaching Geosciences or related fields 

Membership dues must be paid by November 1st to count towards the current year. Payments received after November 1st will cover membership for the following year. Contact us if you have questions!