Annual Technical Conference

The NABG Technical Conference offers a unique perspective on ways careers in the geosciences can be effectively bridged into the 21st century. Attendees can expect thought-provoking and illuminating discussion throughout the sessions and special professional development workshops. 

Local field trips, social events and awards ceremonies are highlights of the conference.

Technical Sessions and Workshops

Immerse yourself in groundbreaking discoveries that span the vast spectrum of geosciences, ranging from climate studies to energy exploration to sustainability initiatives. Engage in captivating discussions, where pioneering research takes center stage, unveiling insights that shape our understanding of the world around us.

Dive into illuminating pre-conference workshops designed to empower students, unveiling potential career paths and igniting a passion for the geosciences. Take this opportunity to pave the way for a remarkable journey in the world of geoscience!

Professional Development

Engage in resume workshops, mock interviews, and open forums with NABG members to unlock the invaluable knowledge of how to navigate academia or corporations as Black Geoscientists.  Let your potential soar as you equip yourself with the tools and insights to conquer the professional landscape and chart a trailblazing path in geoscience.

Exhibitor Fair

Companies, government organizations, and academic institutions converge at NABG Conferences seeking exceptional talent. Share your talents and seize the opportunity to find avenues for continuing education, lock in internships, or secure full-time employment. The stage is set for you to shine and showcase your brilliance in the geosciences.

Field Trips

Immerse yourself in captivating field trips, the pinnacle of the NABG conference experience. Venture to field sites, delve into labs brimming with discovery, explore museums steeped in Earth’s history, and witness the breathtaking exposures of geological wonders along road cuts. These field trips offer invaluable opportunities to deepen your knowledge, connect with fellow geoscientists, and create lasting memories!